About Me


I have trained in various complementary therapies and techniques since making a decision several years ago that I wanted to pursue a more rewarding life.

My background is in engineering and business and some of the techniques and treatments I learnt and use, have required a significantly new way of thinking. This experience gives me the ability to understand and engage with people approaching these techniques for the first time.

I really enjoy working with people who are ready to take ownership for the areas of their lives that are not working and who are looking for exciting new ways to move forward.

I have a son and two daughters, and live in the South West of the UK. I am accredited with the relevant governing bodies and fully insured to use these methods.

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Hypno-Band weight loss sessions. I first met with Andrew in june 2015,he is an amazing man who makes you feel very much at ease, at this time my self-esteem was at an all time low,I realised most of my problems were emotionally based due to over compensating with food and material comforts. I had about 4 hypno- sessions with Andrew,initially I lost about 15ibs in the first month,but although I have not lost anymore weight, I have changed my whole out look on life ,my eating habits ,food in general,my compulsive buying habits,and feel much more comfortable with myself and life in general I maintain a healthy balance of life. I would also like to add I never thought I could be hypnotised and the cd you receive with treatment is very relaxing and puts you in a good place.So for anyone out their needing a boost to change your creature habits ANDREW EMBLING is the man to see.
I found the coaching sessions very useful especially post failure to land a new role within (company). I find I’m more organised in certain respects. I have gained a lot more confidence in applying for roles and am more able to take control of what I wish to do in my future career in (company) all due to our sessions. I would highly recommend attending the sessions to anyone looking to benefit from this type of coaching.
I have found each of the sessions well structured and the content excellent. I appreciate that it is quite a journey that we may have embarked on but the ideas so far put forward by you have already begun to bear fruit. It has been really useful to talk through issues, and your ability to take what seems to be an insurmountable problem and break it down to its component, easy to manage parts has been incredibly useful.
"I can heartily recommend the coaching and advice provided by Andrew Embling. He tailors the topic, content, schedule - in fact - everything to suit you. His approach involves encouraging you to recognise that you need to take responsibility for your actions, you are in charge of your life and that you need to make it happen"
..after we got talking I felt Andrew could help me with a physical ailment that I had for years. Using Kinesiology he helped me release stored experiences that were affecting me both physically and emotionally. My physical ailment has definitely improved, I felt lighter and we continued to work on emotions that I was holding onto which were stopping me changing things that needed changing. This in turn has helped me move forward with my life, helping me to have the courage to change my job and realise my fear is something to be felt, accepted and then conquered. I use the techniques that Andrew has shown me when I feel anxious and I would wholly recommend him.