I am a trainer of  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis and a schedule of  trainings can be found at Being-Human.Today

In addition I run on request 1 day introductions to NLP and bespoke trainings for businesses and groups, simply contact me with your requirements.

[email protected] 07966 282 365 /01594 824756


Coaching takes many forms, the intention when I work with you, is to enable you to makes changes identified by yourself. To achieve specific personal or professional goals.

We will work together using a variety of techniques , all of which selected to match your specific requirements.


You will be helped to create unconscious change in the form of new responses,thoughts, attitudes, behaviours or feelings.

Hypnosis is an amazing tool, always used ethically and therapeutically to create the changes you have identified.

e.g. Manage Stress, Stop Smoking, Weight Management, Phobias, etc….

Reiki/ Seichem

Energy Medicine is something you experience through your senses, and live through your actions, creating change from the inside out.

My intention is the ingredient that is key to all my work with you, and the whole hearted belief, I hold.  A knowing that my work reaches you, through a granted connection, enabling me to work in person or remotely from you, without limitation of geographic location, using energy based practices.

My energy work is built around  using  Seichem, pronounced ‘Say-Keem’; having its roots both in Egypt and Tibet, drawing on the elements of Earth (Reiki), Air, Fire and Water. In addition I use Shamanic style practices  such as journeying when seeking insight, for when I am working with you.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

I am a trainer of NLP and use the power of its skills and change techniques to help and enable you to create the changes you have in mind. The beauty and power of NLP is that it is language based, unlocking the power we all have to enable change.

Learning from your Time Line

This is based on the principles of NLP for releasing negative emotions. It supports you to revise decisions which may be preventing or limiting you from moving forward.


This uses muscle testing to examine potential nutritional, chemical,  physical & emotional problems and helps you to find solutions.